Today, businesses share a single commercial space with other businesses of similar or different nature. Sometimes, businesses have different offices in the various levels of the same building. Not only limited to commercial space, lots of residential apartments can be divided between residential on some floors and commercial on some floors. When such varying nature of tenant occupancy is there, the building management does require a specialized strata cleaning company to take care of the common area cleanliness & maintenance.

When there is a strata building, it usually requires a proper cleaning and maintenance in order keep the look of your space impressive. In order to keep your commercial/ residential strata property well maintained and forever clean, it is essential to get the daily, fortnightly, weekly, monthly or quarterly strata cleaning based on your usage.

Sparkleen Cleaning provides strata cleaning services to small to medium buildings all across Sydney. Our team is well trained in duties such as bin room management, handling bins for council pickup, and common area cleaning – both indoor and outdoor.

Sparkleen cleaning is specialized in providing the best level of strata building maintenance with the years of experience in the cleaning field. Those experts are highly capable of handling all types of the required equipment for the best level of strata maintenance within your budget.

The schedule and frequency of services can be tailored to adjust the specific needs of the client. Contact us today for an obligation free consultation and our Operational Manager would be happy to do a site visit and provide a quote.


Strata cleaning services includes several range of the commercial cleaning services such as

  • Mopping hard surfaces
  • Vacuuming stair wells and also the common areas
  • Removing the cobwebs from the car parks, foyers and light fittings
  • Mowing lawns
  • Weeding gardens
  • Pruning trees & bushes
  • Picking up litter
  • Cleaning letter box areas
  • Removing graffiti
  • Cleaning steps & walk ways
  • Cleaning glass & windows
  • Replacing blown globes
  • Cleaning car parks & communal areas
  • Putting out, cleaning and also bringing in the bins and more.
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If you have any questions feel free to reach us.