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Make your store stand out with Sparkleen Retail Cleaning Services!

A clean retail store drives in customers and increases your sales. We at Sparkleen Cleaning Services help sanitise your store and maintain a clean environment.


Hire Professionals for Retail Cleaning to see the best results in Sydney!

In today’s world, where every retail store is fighting tooth and nail to get every possible customer, overlooking the importance of a professionally clean store can be very critical.

With years of experience in the cleaning services industry in Sydney, we understand that “shoppers will limit purchases if they perceive the store is not clean. Restrooms are of particular concern to most shoppers”. Give us a call today to arrange a free of charge, no-obligation store visit. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Hire the Top Professional Retail Cleaners in Sydney!

The first impression is what retail store owners should strive for and look for an experienced cleaning service that can enhance the look and feel of the store. A fresh and positive vibe goes a long way in increasing store profit. We offer cleaning services for – beauty salons, real estate brokers, small to medium supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, apparel stores, hairdressers, massage parlours, nail art parlours, fruit and vegetable shops, and more.

Skilled Cleaners

All our retail cleaners have years of experience in retail cleaning and strive to give you the best results. With Sparkleen, you are in trusted hands!

Reasonable Packages

We strive to make the most of your investment and provide custom packages at reasonable rates. We value our association with you, and you will witness the change in your premises for yourself.

Flawless Outcomes

We follow top graded industry standards and ensure that your premises stay hygienic and up to the mark. We deliver what we promise.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction with our work is our priority, and we continue to serve you till we meet all your needs. If you need us for follow-up services, we are willing to send our professionals to suit you the best.

Why is Sparkleen your best choice for Retail Cleaning in Sydney?

  • We are reliable and have your back
  • Our prices are bespoke and affordable
  • Our dedicated team of experts provide sustainable cleaning supplies
  • Our response time is short, and we try to offer prompt services
  • We are punctual and efficient
  • Our professionals are pleasant, friendly and are helpful
  • We follow all standard hygiene protocols

How do we add value to our Retail Cleaning services?



During your retail shop cleaning, we cover every inch of the premise. We strive for excellence and ensure our retail cleaning services stand out.


Healthy choices

Our cleaning supplies are sustainable and eco-friendly. During your retail store cleaning, we use products that are harmless to the environment.

Easy Booking

Complete Cleaning Package

We have 15+ years of experience in retail cleaning. We provide complete cleaning packages that include cleaning staff, cleaning supplies and best deals.


Prompt Action

At Sparkleen, we provide quick service deliveries and try to answer your queries on time. We align our service deliveries to your convenience.

Hurry! Get your Sparkleen Retail Cleaning shine today!

Maintaining hygienic cold storage is paramount for cafes and restaurants to keep up with the regulations. Whether you need us to come earlier before your scheduled inspection or you want regular cleaning, our professional retail cleaning services can help your store get a spotless shine that lasts.

Sparkleen Cleaning Service provides bespoke cleaning to suit your store’s specific requirements. We collaborate with the store manager/owner to devise a cleaning plan & schedule to suit the need at a competitive price.

What are the duties covered in our retail cleaning?

  • Cleaning storefront window display
  • Dusting all fixtures and furniture
  • Floor polishing and carpet shampoo (done periodically)
  • Cleaning all glass, mirrors and shelving
  • Cleaning and sanitising restrooms
  • Vacuuming and mopping all flooring
  • Dustbin pick up & relining

Ask Questions


Is it necessary to close the retail store for cleaning?

No, you are not required to close the retail store for cleaning purposes. If you close your store for hours or days in a stretch, it affects your business, and we understand your everyday functions are crucial. Therefore we provide an after-hours cleaning facility to ensure seamless service.

Is it possible to clean the retail store without displacing them?

Yes, it is possible to move around the items without displacing them. However, it depends on the nature of the items and the cleanliness levels required in the surrounding area. If we misplace retail products, we immediately replace them in their previous location without a trace. We are expert in commercial cleaning, get quote from us by calling us or reach out through contact form. You can avail our other services like office cleaning, strata cleaning and other services anytime.

How many retail cleaners does Sparkleen send?

Each of our retail cleaners is exceptionally skilled and trained to manage the tasks efficiently. However, we send sufficient staff to reduce the time taken to complete the cleaning task. Despite the number of personnel, we completed the job on time.

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