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Make Your Move Out Easy with End of Lease Cleaning!

Our end of lease cleaning services are of the highest grade. We offer custom cleaning services at affordable prices.


Why hire End of Lease cleaning services?

If you are all set to move out of a property in Sydney, whether commercial or domestic, among all things.

You’ll be required to hand over your property in a clean and damage-free condition. It is crucial to get your initial deposit of the rental bond back.

A rental bond is generally anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 weeks of rent, and to assist you with this, we at Sparkleen provide you with professional move-out cleaning services in Sydney at a pocket-friendly price. Sparkleen Cleaning Services helps you manage the cleaning of properties during the moving out process.

Most Recommended End of Lease Cleaner in Sydney!

We provide a total package of End of Lease cleaning, pest control and end of lease carpet cleaning. We leave you with complete peace of mind while leaving your rental residential or commercial property. All you have to do is to contact us for a no-obligation quotation, and we will be there to assist you. Allow us to show you our exceptional move-out cleaning skills. Feel free to call us at 0449047802.

Our Sparkleen End of Lease Cleaning Services Is Ideal For:


As per tenancy contracts, renters must leave the building fresh and clean to get their security deposit back. We assist during this end of lease cleaning process. While you are busy with your relocation, we will clean your existing home and ensure you get your full deposit back.


If you are a property owner, you will require all the assistance you can find to make your home more suitable for new tenants. We understand that first impression is vital when leasing or selling a property, and we take responsibility for providing customised end of lease cleaning services.

Leasing Agencies

Being in this industry for 15+ years, we know that steady, long-term business bonding is most helpful to businesses. We are reliable and manage all the cleaning you may require with expertise and pride in our work.

Any Other Property Owners

Our cleaning team will manage all the deep cleaning required to make your property shine. Whether renting a home or selling your existing property, we can make your life easier through our professional move out cleaning services in Sydney. We offer affordable move out cleaning services in Sydney to offices, residential properties, apartments, etc.

Are you searching for end of lease cleaning near me? Contact us now!

  • We are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Our prices are affordable.
  • We strive toward client satisfaction.
  • We offer dedicated cleaning staff and sustainable supplies
  • We revert promptly and answer all your queries
  • We are punctual and efficient
  • Our staff are friendly cleaning service professionals
  • We follow all hygiene protocols
  • We leave no stain untouched

How do we perform End of Lease / Bond Cleaning?



We offer edge-to-edge vacuuming, mopping all hard floors, picking up leftover rubbish, cleaning skirting boards, etc. We clean light switches, door handles, cupboards (inside-out), fans, light globes, windows and ceilings, wall markings, and blinds, and offer carpet steam shampoo cleaning.



We clean the kitchen cooktop cream, cupboards, oven, fridge & microwave (inside-out), and scrub the top and bottom areas of the range hood. We also wash the kitchen sink, provide edge-to-edge vacuuming, and tidy the bench tops and mop with disinfectant. We also scour the steel appliances and windows, pick and clean the dustbin and disinfect the cupboard handles.



We provide toilet seat cleaning, dust bin cleaning, vanity cleaning (inside-out), wash basin cream cleansing, bathtub cream washing, and more. We offer removal of shower glass soap scum to a streak-free finish. We clean windows, scrub the bathroom floor, mop with disinfectant, remove cobwebs and provide complete bathroom wall washing.


Balcony & Garage

We provide complete balcony floor edge-to-edge vacuuming and mopping. We clean entry doors, windows, glassdoor frames, and light globes and remove cobwebs. We also offer balustrade cleaning, garage floor edge-to-edge vacuuming and clean door handles and light switches.

Ask Questions


Do you provide a free quotation for the cleaning service requirement?

Yes, we provide a free quotation after examining your cleaning requirements. We also send our personnel to your premises to better understand your needs.

Does Sparkleen offer follow-up cleaning services?

Yes, Sparkleen offers weekly, bi-weekly, and daily services relying on your needs and the availability of our personnel. Our recurring services are affordable, and we strive to serve you the best way we can.

Do I need to pay an advance before availing of your cleaning service?

No, you are not required to pay in advance before availing of our cleaning service. You can pay us in full after you are satisfied with our job and we have entirely cleaned your premises.

Our End of Lease Cleaning Process


  • Edge-to-edge vacumm
  • Mopping of all hard floor
  • Left Over Rubbish pick up
  • Skirtng Boards cleaning
  • Light Switches Cleaning
  • Doors with Handles cleaning
  • Cupboards inside/ outside cleaning
  • Fans Cleaning
  • Light globes cleaning
  • Cobwebs Removal
  • Windows along with sills cleaning
  • Major wall marks cleaning
  • Carpet steam shampoo cleaning
  • Blinds Cleaning


  • Kitchen Cooktop Cream Cleansed
  • Cupboards Inside/Outside Wiped and made grease and dirt free
  • Microwave throughly cleaned Inside/ outside
  • Oven throughly cleaned from inside/ outside
  • Fridge cleaned from inside/outside
  • Rangehood cleaned top and bottom area
  • Kitchen sink thoroughly cream cleansed
  • Kitchen sink made completely mould free
  • Edge-to-edge vacumming
  • Tidying up the benchtops
  • Moping with dininfectant
  • All the steel appliances are throughly cleansed
  • Windows Inside/Outside Wiped
  • Window Sills Wiped
  • Dustbin picked and cleaned
  • Cleaning Cupboard handles


  • Toilet Seat Cleaning/ Washing along with cistern
  • Dust bin Cleaning
  • Vanity outside/ inside cleaning
  • Wash basin cream cleansing/ washing
  • Bath Tub cream cleansing/ washing
  • Windows along with sills cleaning
  • Shower glass soap scum removal to a streak free finish
  • Shower tiles scrubbing and washing to a mould free finish
  • Mopping at the end with disinfectant
  • Scrubbing of the complete bathroom floor
  • Doors/ Door frames cleaning along with handles
  • Cobwebs removal
  • Complete bahroom walls washing


  • Complete balcony floor edge to edge vacuuming and mopping
  • Glass door frames cleaning
  • Entry Doors and windows cleaning to a streak free finish
  • Glass door tracks cleaning
  • Light globes cleaning
  • Cobwebs removal
  • Balustrades cleaning


  • Complete Garage floor edge to edge vacuuming
  • Cleaning of door handles and light switches.
  • Removal of cobwebs

Our End of Lease Cleaning Prices

Property Type Cleaning only Cleaning + Carpet Steam Cleaning Cleaning +Carpet Steam Cleaning +Pest Control
  Starting From (ex GST) Starting From (ex GST) Starting From (ex GST)
Studio Apartment $249 $299 $349
1 Bedroom $299 $349 $399
2 Bedroom $349 $449 $499
3 Bedroom $399 $499 $599
4 Bedroom $499 $649 $799
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