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At Sparkleen Cleaning Services, customer satisfaction is the top priority and we strive to deliver the best cleaning services. Our professional cleaners in Hornsby ensure a timely and seamless experience for you and pledge to leave your home cleaner and tidier than before! Our highly experienced and well-trained staff are skilled in commercial and residential cleaning of all types. They are equipped to provide diverse services like medical centre cleaning, retail cleaning and more.


Experience Deep Cleaning of Your Premises

Every household has a different cleaning requirement, and our cleaners in Hornsby understand your needs. Our array of services – Airbnb cleaning, steam cleaning, pressure wash cleaning and more help you meet your cleaning needs.

We provide cleaning services to a variety of enterprises. Our services range from school cleaning, retail cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning and much more. Contact us anytime and experience seamless delivery of cleaning services.

For recurring cleaning requirements or a one-time cleaning service, call our skilled cleaners in Hornsby – the most suited team of professionals for the job. Their painstaking efforts and passion for surpassing customer expectations on every occasion generate outstanding cleaning results. We will schedule cleaning as per your suitable time and ensure you a personalised experience.

What Makes Sparkleen Cleaning Services So Unique?

  • We ensure that our association is of utmost satisfaction.
  • We are fully insured and ensure your all round safety at all times.
  • Our professional team of cleaners in Hornsby are hand-picked. They are pleasant and undergo a background check.
  • We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and do not leave unless we have delivered services per your needs.
  • Our honest and diligent staff provides you with the best services, and we quote prices accordingly.
  • We strive to resolve your queries as soon as possible.

Why is Sparkleen the Best Choice for Commercial Cleaning in Hornsby?

The quality and integrity of our cleaning staff are top-notch as we firmly believe our clients deserve the best. The exceptionally skilled cleaning staff are truly professional, dedicated, and genuine cleaning technicians. Each of our cleaners in Hornsby undergoes rigorous training before providing services to our customers.

You can rest assured that our cleaning staff lives up to the high-quality standard we promise to deliver. If you are looking for end-of-lease cleaning or commercial cleaning service, look no further; contact us today for a 100% satisfactory experience in Hornsby, NSW!

Sparkleen Cleaning Services is Just a Call Away!

Are you letting the tedious cleaning task of your house keep you from spending a pleasant weekend with your family? Let Sparkleen Cleaning Services take charge. Call us to book your personalised cleaning services, and let us take care of all your cleaning needs. Rest assured, you will return to a tidy house and will not find a single speck of dirt!

We take a step forward and discuss your cleaning requirements ahead of the cleaning schedule to make you comfortable and confident to entrust us with the job. So, wait no longer and call us at 0449 047 802 and speak to our experts for your cleaning-related queries.

Ask Questions


How much does commercial cleaning cost?

Commercial cleaning costs approximately $30/hr to $40/hr in Australia, and the rates vary in different states based on the pay rate. In Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria, you can expect rates around $30 per hour and $35 per hour in New South Wales. The cost of commercial cleaning may also vary depending on the type, area and location of the enterprise.

How long does it take to deep clean a school?

Deep Cleaning schools is crucial in times of post-COVID-19 period for the safety and health of students. Deep Cleaning schools may interrupt the ongoing operations at school and may take up to two days for completion. Deep cleaning is advisable to be conducted in a case-by-case manner as per the government jurisdictions. Despite the time duration required for deep cleaning the school premises, thorough cleaning is crucial for a healthy environment for students.

Can you steam clean blackout curtains?

Yes, one can steam clean blackout curtains. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean heavy fabrics such as blackout curtains, and it saves you hours in drying time. One can clean the blackout curtains from the top to the bottom hanging curtains. It is crucial to keep the steamer far enough away that the curtains don’t become wet. Steam cleaning blackout curtains also help it to dry faster.

Does steam cleaning damage the carpet?

No, steam cleaning does not damage the carpet if done correctly. The process of steam cleaning is widely accepted as the best cleaning technique for carpets. Moreover, this is the reason why most carpet cleaners use this method. While steam cleaning is the primary carpet cleaning method, there are other procedures to clean a carpet. However, carpet manufacturers recommend the steam cleaning process for the best results. Also, some carpet manufacturers suggest steam-cleaning their carpets annually to maintain a valid warranty.

What services does your cleaning company offer?

We at Sparkleen Cleaning Services offer a complete range of office and commercial cleaning services to enterprises across Australia. We provide wholesome routine office cleaning, deep cleaning solutions, and office disinfection services. Moreover, we offer efficient cleaning services to an array of other businesses, including medical cleaning, school cleaning, gym cleaning, retail cleaning, Airbnb cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning and more. Sparkleen Cleaning Services is your one-stop solution for all your commercial and residential cleaning needs.

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