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Choose Childcare Cleaning Services in Sydney wisely!

A clean and healthy environment is a prerequisite for any childcare centre and helps you add valued customers to your circle. At Sparkleen Cleaning Services, we assist you in creating the best impression of your business with clean and serene surroundings. We ensure your childcare centre is hygienic and gives out a positive vibe!


Why do you need a professional Childcare Center Cleaning Services in Sydney?

It is believed that children in daycare centres catch infections faster due to their higher exposure to germs.

To avoid this, childcare centres need to make cleanliness their priority for the safety of children. While many businesses hire an in-house janitor for childcare cleaning in Sydney, they may miss out on some spots and may not follow a standard cleaning protocol compared to a childcare cleaning service.

A clean daycare will help make a great first impression of your centre and will help drive your business. Sparkleen Cleaning Services provides efficient childcare cleaning services in Sydney and ensures complete non-toxic cleaning supplies that are safe for children.

Best Childcare Cleaning Service Providers in Sydney


We take complete accountability for cleaning your premises to the most hygienic and healthy.

Highly Experienced

Experts at Sparkleen have served in the industry for 15+ years and understand your needs and requirements better. They are aware of the necessity of a clean childcare centre and strive to provide the same.

Health is Priority

At Sparkleen, we work towards providing a safe and clean environment for children and use complete sustainable supplies that are harmless to the kids.


We ensure you receive value for your money invested in cleaning your premises and work toward meeting your needs and demands and offer customer satisfaction to the highest degree.

Why choose Sparkleen for the Childcare Cleaning Service in Sydney?

  • We are trustworthy and reliable
  • We offer affordable cleaning packages
  • We deliver what we promise
  • Our staff is dedicated and hardworking
  • We use sustainable resources
  • We are always punctual and prompt to respond
  • Our friendly staff provides professional cleaning service
  • We leave no area untouched and clean every nook & corner

What makes our Childcare Cleaning Services so unique?


Top-Notch Equipment

We use high-quality, top-notch equipment for cleaning your daycare centres. Our equipment is quality-checked periodically to provide you with the best cleaning service.

Superior Equipment

Every Inch Cleaned

Our skilled staff inspect every nook and corner of your premise and clean it thoroughly, leaving no area untouched.

Sustainable Supplies

Sustainable Supplies

We at Sparkleen use non-toxic supplies that are harmless to children and the environment. We care for our associations with you and value your health.

Easy Booking

Easy Booking

Our experts are just a call away to provide you with answers to your queries and book appointments at your convenience. After booking with us, you can sit back and relax as we look after the rest.

Are you searching for the best Childcare Center Cleaning Services in Sydney?

We comprehend your business needs and the necessity for a healthy environment for children at daycare centres. At Sparkleen, we have been providing quality child care services for years. Our strength has always been our perfection of work and attention to detail. Contact us today to book your cleaning services!

What services do we cover under Childcare Cleaning Services in Sydney?

  • We provide dust removal for the entire surface
  • We clean dirty toys, utensils, bedding, and more
  • We sanitise high-touch point areas
  • We disinfect all items at the centre
  • We use non-toxic supplies, safe for children
  • We provide cleaning of windows, walls, and doors
  • We remove stains from hard surfaces
  • We disinfect and clean the toilet at the centres

Ask Questions


Do you provide children-friendly cleaning supplies?

Yes, we care about your health and are careful with the cleaning supplies we use in your centres. Our cleaning supplies are organic and do not affect the health of children.

Which areas do you cover while cleaning the daycare centres?

We cover the entire daycare premises and leave no area uncleaned. We clean all areas in the establishment like the diaper changing areas, dining rooms, play areas, washrooms areas, and others.

Does your cleaning service include recurring packages?

Yes, we offer follow-up services as per the demands of the customers. Our recurring packages include weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly visits, and we also provide the same team as per availability to serve you better.

Is your company insured of any possible property damage during cleaning?

Yes, we are fully insured and cover our staff and any possible damages during the cleaning process. Moreover, our trained professionals can manage any unforeseen events during the childcare cleaning process.

How to get a quote for my childcare cleaning requirement?

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