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Hard Surface Cleaning Solutions

Sparkleen Cleaning Services offers top-quality hard surface cleaning services across Sydney and has successfully made a network of valued customers over the years. Experts at Sparkleen Cleaning Services have 15+ years of experience in hard surface cleaning and provide excellent cleaning solutions for all enterprises and residential premises.


Experience the Best Hard Floor Cleaning in Sydney

Did you know that hard surfaces in and around your premises collect dirt and grime like algae and lichen?

Therefore, to avoid such unhygienic surfaces from affecting your well-being, the periodic upkeep of your surroundings is crucial. Numerous commercial and residential property owners hire professional cleaning solutions, like Sparkleen Cleaning Services, to keep their surfaces clean and healthy.

Like teeth cleaning, hard floor cleaning requires regular upkeep to help prevent costly expenses associated with the deteriorating floor and other surfaces. Sparkleen Cleaning Services understands your need for clean and healthy surfaces, and our qualified staff carefully examine the surface premises before conducting a deep clean. We strive to provide a unique cleaning experience to every customer and aim towards 100% client satisfaction in every clean.

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

Sparkleen Cleaning Services offer numerous deep cleaning and professional hard floor cleaning solutions, some of which are listed below:

Cleaning of Floor Tiles and Grout

Cleaning tiles and grout is a specialised deep cleaning service designed to restore contaminated tiled floorings. As the grout and relief tiles are tough to wash efficiently, professional cleaners use high-end professional hot water extraction equipment to clean marble, granite, terracotta, ceramic and natural stone floors. The result is an outstanding clean with shiny surfaces!

Stripping and Sealing of Floor

During hard floor cleaning, unglazed floor surfaces require additional protection and sealing. Moreover, porous materials on the floor, like natural stones, provide a breeding space for pollutants to accumulate on the surface if not treated with a sealer on time. Our cleaning staff are well-versed with these techniques and will ensure your floor surfaces are properly sealed and cleaned.


In buffing, professional cleaners use a rotary machine to buff already sealed and protected floors for a polished look and an attractive lustre on the floor surface. Sparkleen Cleaning Services provides buffing for tiled and wooden floor surfaces and delivers a sparkling clean surface.

Get Expert Hard Floor Cleaning Solutions in Sydney!

Our expert cleaning solutions ensure top-class services, and thorough cleaning, by refreshing the original floor colours and enhancing the exterior look of the property. Our cleaning staff are highly professional and skilled at what they do and will help you restore surfaces of your premises with deep cleaning.

At Sparkleen Cleaning Services, we provide bespoke cleaning packages that suit your cleaning requirements at the best deals. Experts at Sparkleen have decades of experience in serving the cleaning industry in Sydney, and our cleaning staff specialises in exterior cleaning for all property types.

Our Hard Surface cleaning services include:

  • Upkeep external wall surfaces such as brick, sandstone walls, and more.
  • Cleaning patios, driveways, pavements, concrete, and pool surrounds
  • Complete cleaning of all outdoor tile cleaning areas

Why Choose Sparkleen Hard Floor Cleaning Solutions?

We at Sparkleen Cleaning Services provide professional hardwood floor cleaning services for homeowners and businesses across Sydney, Australia. Our goal is to reach out to all types of enterprises, big or small and offer them bespoke hard floor cleaning solutions!


Cost-Effective Packages

We offer world-class cleaning solutions to suit your cleaning needs at affordable prices. We thoughtfully curate our cleaning packages after careful examination of the cleaning requirements of the client. Our top-class services are available at the best deals and are cost-effective cleaning solutions for all enterprises.


Experienced Professionals

Sparkleen Cleaning Services offers highly skilled, experienced and professional cleaning staff who are hand-picked and trained to provide exclusive hard surface cleaning services. Experts at Sparkleen have years of experience in the cleaning industry and understand your cleaning requirements better than others. We strive to offer outstanding cleaning results for all customers.

Superior Equipment

100% Customer Satisfaction

We use our knowledge and experience to deliver top-quality services that satisfy our customers. Our cleaning staff are dedicated and diligent in their tasks. They are pleasant to deal with and offer 24/7 service. They do not leave until you are 100% satisfied with the job. We even schedule recurring services and guarantee high-quality results.

Ask Questions


What is hard surface cleaning?

Hard surface cleaning covers a diverse range of multipurpose cleaning that uses specialised cleaning processes for the different areas around residential or commercial premises. Sparkleen Cleaning Services offers an array of hard surface cleaning solutions in Sydney at the most affordable rates.

How do you remove hard surface stains?

To remove stains from a hard surface, you can mix cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide or cream of tartar and vinegar. You can apply the cleaning agent to a sponge or cloth and scrub the sink. For the best professional cleaning results, hire our cleaning staff at Sparkleen to get excellent stain cleaning results.

Which product can I use to clean hard and rough surfaces?

You can use stainless steel or an all-purpose cleaner to clean a hard or rough surface. You can remove any stubborn stains using a paste of baking soda and water applied with a cloth or sponge. You can achieve the best cleaning results by hiring a professional hardwood cleaning company like Sparkleen Cleaning Services, which has expertise in hard surface cleaning and uses modern-day cleaning technology.

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