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Steam Cleaning Services

Sparkleen Cleaning Services offers top-notch steam cleaning services across Australia. Experts at Sparkleen Cleaning Services have over 15+ years of experience providing cleaning solutions to commercial and residential establishments. Over the years, we have served diversified customers and offer bespoke cleaning solutions to suit their specific needs and requirements!


Professional Steam Cleaning Solutions in Sydney

Sparkleen’s Steam cleaning solutions are the most effective way of cleaning any upholstery item with a complex structure that has accumulated dust and dirt.

Such items include carpets, toys, couches and countertops. Cleaning such items could be difficult with any other cleaning procedures. However, steam cleaning is the best way to keep it clean and increase its lifespan.

The process involves the application of hot water at a high temperature and pressure, sprayed onto the surface. And for this purpose, professionals use high-quality steam cleaners. After applying the high-pressure steam, the dust and dirt particle chain shatter. The grim then comes on top of the surface and is gently washed away.

If you are looking for professional steam cleaning solutions in Sydney, Sparkleen Cleaning Services is your best choice. Our dedicated cleaning professionals are well-trained and equipped to deliver world-class cleaning solutions and fulfil your cleaning needs. We offer the following steam cleaning services in Sydney:

Steam Cleaning Carpet

If you are a homeowner and have a rug or carpet that requires occasional maintenance, steam cleaning the carpet is the best solution, as it is much more effective than other cleaning processes and is cost-effective. We at Sparkleen Cleaning Services use chemical-free products to provide you with the most unique and non-toxic cleaning experience.

Steam Cleaning of Sofa

Many households use steam cleaners for the sofa as it helps prolong the lifespan of the couch and saves their valuable time and money. However, if you are looking for steam cleaning professionals, choose Sparkleen Cleaning Services. We have the most dedicated and skilled cleaning staff, who offer 24/7 service and attend to all your cleaning needs.

Steam Cleaning Furniture

Steam Cleaning of furniture is the best way to keep your upholstery items clean as it helps remove the dirt, grim or grease from most interior parts. Steam cleaning helps deodorise the furniture and removes stains and dirt easily. For steam cleaning your upholstery, you can contact Sparkleen Cleaning services; our cleaning staff offer the best steam cleaning services in Sydney.

Mattress Steam Cleaning

Mattress steam cleaning helps remove sweat, dirt and stains that can penetrate its top layer. Steam cleaning mattresses every few months is crucial as it helps prolong their lifespan and keeps them germ-free. We at Sparkleen Cleaning Services use sustainable supplies that are eco-friendly and harmless to the environment and surroundings.

Why Hire Sparkleen Steam Cleaning Professionals in Sydney?


Affordable Prices

Our professional cleaning services are customised to suit your cleaning needs and are affordable for all. Experts at Sparkleen Cleaning Services understand your cleaning needs better than no other and offer you bespoke cleaning packages at the best deals. Apart from this, our cleaning staff carry their equipment and are fully insured. We have trained them to replace or repair any damages during the cleaning process. We at Sparkleen Cleaning Services value business associations with you and take complete accountability for our job.

Sustainable Supplies

Sustainable Products

Sparkleen Cleaning Services provides green cleaning solutions and are keen on minimising its carbon footprints and their impact during the cleaning. We provide eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are not harmful to human health or the environment. Moreover, we observe green cleaning procedures and use top-notch cleaning equipment.


100% Customer Satisfaction

We at Sparkleen Cleaning Services strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction to all our clients through our trustworthy and dedicated cleaning solutions. Our cleaning staff have hands-on knowledge and experience in an array of professional cleaning procedures and aim to deliver the best cleaning results in every clean. They are highly diligent and do not leave until you are 100% satisfied with the cleaning process. We also schedule recurring services to serve you the best!

Ask Questions


Is steam cleaning more effective than other cleaning solutions?

Yes, steam cleaning is better than other cleaning solutions because it uses high temperature and pressure to remove accumulated dirt and residue that is difficult to remove through other cleaning methods. Moreover, steam cleaning helps sanitise and disinfect your premises and surpasses the effectiveness of conventional cleaning methods. Professional cleaners at Sparkleen are well-trained and highly skilled in providing excellent steam cleaning solutions in every clean.

Is steam cleaning carpet better than shampooing?

Yes, steam cleaning carpets is a better option than shampooing them as it helps remove unseen dirt and pests, which are tough to clean with the shampooing method. Steam cleaning carpets can handle heavy-duty cleaning and dry more quickly than the shampooing cleaning method. To learn more about our steam cleaning solutions, call us now, and speak to our experts today!

Where does the dirt go when you steam clean?

During steam cleaning, the dirt does not “go anywhere”. It instead remains on the surface. The complex dirt chain breaks down by the extreme heat and pressure from the water vapour and is removed manually by wiping the surface with a steam mop or cloth or vacuuming it. Our cleaning staff at Sparkleen Cleaning Services are well-experienced in managing such cleaning tasks.

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