Surfaces We Clean

  • Tiled Balconies
  • Tiled Floors
  • Concrete Surfaces
  • Linoleum Surfaces

Every internal hard surface inside the premises required regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it in an healthy and hygienic manner. Regular vacuuming/brooming and disinfectant mopping is the most common method followed to keep it clean from all the dust, but it is not sufficient to maintain the floor. Surfaces gets dirty from many sources like footfall, dust, spillage, and wear & tear in general. Over time the dirt gets into the grouting which result in an dull and dirty looking floor.

Sparkleen Cleaning provides professional hard surface buffing & polishing services which across Sydney. We use the required brush with correct hardness for the surface combined with the required rotation speed of the machine to bring out a clean and shiny hard surface. Whether it is your home, retail shop, building entrance, or somewhere else, we have all covered. Our expertise and workmanship will leave you very satisfied!

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