Childcare Cleaning

It is paramount important to keep the premises with kids, hygeinic and free from bacteria. With low immunity and resistance to allergies & infection, kids are more prone to catch general disaese like flue etc. Sparkleen Cleaning ensures to provide superior cleaning services to Childcare Centres keeping this consideration. Every clean is performed in accordance with Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and in full adherence to National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) childcare cleaning guidelines.


Our Specialities

  • Non-Toxic chemicals free from any harmful effects for kids.
  • All cleaners being properly vaccinated including flu vaccine.
  • All cleaners have police checks and working with children clearance.

Duties we performed

Entrance Foyer, Public Area

  • Tidy up the area
  • Dust all the furniture and Electronic Items such as Computers etc
  • Dust all the wall fixtures and paintings
  • Spot clean/ Squeegee clean glass surfaces
  • Remove all the chewing gum
  • Remove cob webs
  • Spot clean wall marks
  • Disinfectant clean all the tables, chairs, and reception desks
  • Vacuuming and mopping with correct disinfectant.


  • Toilet seat & cistern is scrubbed with disinfectant and wiped down
  • All the window sills and skirting boards are cleaned to remove any dirt and sanitize for bacteria
  • Wash basin is cleaned with disinfectant and cleaned to a dry and hygienic finish
  • Any paintings or other wall items are cleaned
  • Consumables are supplied
  • The floor is thoroughly cleaned edge-to-edge.


  • Wiping benchtops
  • Wiping cupboards from outside
  • Wiping window sills
  • Sanitizing microwave for any food residue
  • Scrubbing kitchen sink with cream cleanser
  • Checking for any mold in the sink
  • Edge-to-edge vacumming
  • Tidying up the benchtops
  • Moping with dininfectant
  • Wiping outside of oven
  • Removing finger marks from steel appliances
  • Cleaning Cupboard handles

Educational Institute Cleaning

Sparkleen Cleaning is well experienced in managing the cleaning needs of your school, colleges, universities, and any other educational premises. Whether it is after hour cleaning or during school time intermediate cleans, our team is working with children checked and very friendly in approach. Our chemicals are procedures are kids safe. Be rest assured that you will find your institute in hygienic and clean condition.

There are 3 vital requirements for cleaning success at any school, child care centre, or any other educational facility:

We choose best of the team who are well experienced & police checked.

Providing the similar standards continuously is guaranteed with our set procedures to be followed and further with a deputing work to a dedicated team.

Continuous supervisor visit and communicating before and after every single cleaning of the premises.

With years of cleaning experience, for schools in the public and private sector and child care centres, we understand what it takes to deliver a clean and hygienic school property, and our commitment to cleanliness extends well beyond just the class rooms at your school.

We believe that the hygiene and cleanliness of your school property must be obvious throughout to the student, teacher, parent and guest experience. It is imperative that the key stakeholders experience fresh, clean, and hygienic areas everywhere they go, so that they can enjoy having a clean & well-presented school every day. We achieve this with our trusted team who are highly-trained, police checked and have their working with children certification.

Our experienced team understand the importance of their work at schools and child care centres, and project their sense of pride in everything they do. Using their initiative, exceptional eye for detail, and a pre-planned and systematic approach to all of their daily cleaning tasks, we ensure they are super productive and efficient.

We have worked hard to build an excellent reputation for supplying the highest quality of service and keeping our prices at a competitive level. Our success has always been to provide a professional, efficient, reliable service and we are proud to be able to provide the following services to meet your specific needs:

  • Classroom cleaning
  • Common room cleaning
  • Common area cleaning
  • Changing room cleaning
  • Play ground cleaning
  • Cafeteria cleaning
  • Computer room cleaning
  • Laboratory cleaning
  • Sports hall cleaning
  • Staffroom cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Communal area cleaning
  • Kitchen deep clean

Some of the duties included but not limited to

Scope Of Work
S.No Duties Every Clean Monthly
Class rooms/ common rooms/ Common areas/ office/ staff rooms/ Labs
1 Edge-to-edge vacumm
2 Mopping of all hard floor
3 Dustbin Pick up
4 Dustbin washing
5 Dusting of all furnitures
6 Dusting of all computers and Desk
7 Look for cobwebs and remove if there
8 Skirting Boards
9 Dusting of window sills
10 Dusting of wooden doors
11 Tidying up the room
12 Dusting of door handles
13 Window Cleaning Inside/Outside upto 2metres
14 Sanitizing light switches

Kitchen Area

S.No Duties Every Clean Monthly
1 Wiping benchtops
2 Wiping cupboards from outside
3 Wiping window sills
4 Sanitizing microwave for any food residue
5 Scrubbing kitchen sink with cream cleanser
6 Checking for any mold in the sink
7 Edge-to-edge vacumming
8 Tidying up the benchtops
9 Moping with dininfectant
10 Wiping outside of oven
11 Removing finger marks from steel appliances
12 Cleaning Cupboard handles

Bathrooms and Toilets

S.No Item Every Clean Monthly
1 Scrubing of toilet seat with bowl cleaner
2 Washing down toilet seat and cistern
3 Wiping down wall tiles from top till bottom
4 Complete cleaning of shower area if any
5 Dustbin pick up
6 Dustbin cleaning
7 Cleaning hand sink and placing area
8 Wiping down vanity from outside
9 Cleaning window sills
10 Tidying up the bathroom
11 Edge-to-edge vacumming
12 Moping with disinfectant
13 Refilling Paper towels and toilet paper

Playgrounds/ Sportshall

S.No Item Every Clean Monthly
1 Trash pick up/ Brooming
2 Tidying of any chairs or furniture
3 Cobwebs removing
4 Complete vacuum and moping in stadiums

Additionally, we provide holiday and half term deep cleans and high level cleans to help keep your school looking as good as possible. We have all the necessary plant and machinery to ensure floors are treated correctly and to manufacturers specification so they can last their maximum lifespan.

Sparkleen Cleaning guarantee to find a cost effective solution to any of your educational institute cleaning requirements, offering 24/7 support and a dedicated client manager to assist you in anyway they can.

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that you are provided with an exceptionally well managed service. If you require school cleaning, please contact us today to arrange your complimentary, no obligation quotation.

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